Focus on Greenwood Receives Arvest Foundation Grant

Thursday, November 15 at 11:00 AM
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Local children in the Greenwood area will benefit from a $2,000 donation from the Arvest Foundation.

The gift was announced today at the Focus on Greenwood facility in Greenwood. Jamie Skinner of Arvest Bank was on hand to present the check.

The funds will be used to purchase a prosthetic devise for a local student as well as eyeglasses for students that are recommended by the school nurse. 

“The funds will be used to go toward the cost of the prosthetic device and some of the continuing care which will be required for our amputee, Miss Jessica Wilson,” Said Dr. Evan Rowe, Focus on Greenwood member, “With the grant from Arvest Bank, it is much easier for our organization, Focus on Greenwood, to provide the prosthetic device. As you can imagine, a prosthetic is extremely expensive and fortunately we are getting an exceptional deal both from Össur and from Francois Van Der Watt, and thanks to the generous donation we are able to make this event possible. Without the funding there would have been very little money to go toward other community programs, as the majority of the proceeds would have all gone to the prosthetic.

“Any extra funding left over after the prosthetic costs have been settled will be placed in the general fund to be used by Focus on Greenwood for other community needs. This could include glasses for kids, shoes for kids, medical assistance to those in need, scholarships for local seniors or to go toward purchasing things needed for those kids in the Angel Tree Program.”

“We are pleased to present Focus on Greenwood this donation on behalf of the Arvest Foundation,” Skinner said. “With this donation, Focus on Greenwood was not only able to provide a prosthetic device to a very well-deserving recipient, but also able to have funds leftover to support many other needs in our community. We are very thankful for the Arvest Foundation allowing us to provide local support to the communities that we serve.”

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The CALL in Crawford & Sebastian Counties Receives Arvest Foundation Grant

Wednesday, November 14 at 11:00 AM
Category: Arvest Community News

Foster children in the Crawford and Sebastian county area will benefit from a $3,500 donation from the Arvest Foundation. 

The funds will be used to purchase office equipment to help expand The CALL’s services to foster families and children. 

The CALL county coordinator for Crawford and Sebastian counties, Emily Treadaway, explained, “With over 700 kids in foster care in Sebastian and Crawford Counties, The CALL is working to recruit, train, and support more foster homes. These funds will be used to purchase computers, shelving, and other office equipment to expand our services.”

“The CALL in Crawford and Sebastian counties does a tremendous job of supporting local foster families,” said Daniel Skipper, commercial banker with Arvest Bank. “While recruiting new families to care for children in the foster care system is important, supporting existing foster families is crucial. The CALL focuses its time and resources to do both of these. Funds from the Arvest Foundation will help equip The CALL to better communicate with, support, and encourage prospective and open foster homes in our local communities." 

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PAEF Gets Funding Boost from Arvest Foundation

Wednesday, November 14 at 09:00 AM
Category: Arvest Community News

Pryor Public Schools teachers got funding help in their efforts to apply for and receive grants thanks to a $5,000 donation from the Arvest Foundation.

The gift was announced recently at a check presentation at Arvest Bank. The funds will go to the Pryor Academic Excellence Foundation (PAEF), which serves as a partner with Pryor Public Schools by funding grants to teachers to support educational programs and opportunities for all students in the town’s school system.

“The Arvest Foundation donation will boost our foundation’s ability to provide funding for the quality grants submitted by teachers in Pryor Public Schools,” said Claudia Trout, PAEF trustee. “We are thankful for this investment in the future of Pryor School students.” 

“We are pleased to present this donation on behalf of the Arvest Foundation to support PAEF’s efforts to provide greater educational opportunities for students in Pryor,” said Heather Cabales, Mortgage Loan Officer at Arvest Bank. “This donation is just one of many we have made throughout the area. It demonstrates the foundation’s ongoing commitment to education and to the children in the region.”

Photo L-R: Victor Casey and Amanda Griffin with Arvest Bank, Claudia Trout with PAEF, Heather Cabales and Jordan Landsaw with Arvest Bank.

About the Arvest Foundation

The Arvest Foundation seeks to provide funding to grantees who are actively working to create positive change for others. Major areas of focus include: K-12 education, economic development, and enhancing the quality of life throughout the Arvest footprint. For more information, go to

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Beyond Boundaries Receives Arvest Foundation Grant

Tuesday, November 13 at 02:00 PM
Category: Arvest Community News

Individuals with disabilities in the Alma area will have access to unconventional treatment and therapy thanks to a $3,500 donation from the Arvest Foundation.

The gift was announced today at the Beyond Boundaries facility in Alma. Jeremy Nuckolls of Arvest Bank was on hand to present the check.

The funds will help Beyond Boundaries to provide horse training therapy for local children and adults to conquer the physical, mental, and emotional boundaries associated with disabilities. 

The Arvest Foundation donation also supports Beyond Boundaries cover the constant costs of the herd including:

  • Veterinary costs
  • Farrier (horseshoe) costs
  • Food and equipment

Jimmy McMinn of Beyond Boundaries explained, “Beyond Boundaries provides therapy services that utilize horses to help local children and adults conquer the physical, mental and emotional boundaries associated with disabilities. Our clients are your friends and neighbors with the greatest need, who gain the most benefit from the services we provide. We are thankful to Arvest for donating to Beyond Boundaries to help us cover the day-to-day operational expenses that we have.”

“A fellow associate (Chris Green) told me about the wonderful therapy work Beyond Boundaries was doing in our community,” said Nuckolls, branch sales manager., “We felt compelled to select them to be a recipient of the Arvest Foundation funds.” 

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Arvest Bank Bulks Up Commercial Team in Springfield

Tuesday, November 13 at 09:00 AM
Category: Arvest Community News

Arvest Bank is pleased to announce three recent additions to its commercial banking team in the Springfield region.

Ladd Lanier, who has worked at Arvest since 2001, has accepted the position on loan manager. He has spent his entire Arvest career in its Fayetteville, Ark., region, most recently serving as commercial loan manager. He and his wife of 27 years, Caroline, have two adult children and are in the process of relocating to Springfield.

"Ladd's strong Arvest credit background and customer service focus make him a welcome addition to the Springfield team,” said Brad Crain, Arvest Bank Springfield president. “He also has a strong record of passion for associates and growing talent for our organization."

Steve Kelly will serve as commercial loan manager, leading Springfield’s commercial banking team and reporting to Lanier. Kelly has 14 years of banking experience in various areas of expertise, including credit, special assets and relationship management. He most recently served as director of portfolio management for Sunflower Bank in Kansas City, where he managed 24 relationship managers.

"Steve’s leadership, commitment to service, sales skills and desire to succeed will be great assets for our team,” Crain said.

Additionally, Jerrod Harmon joins Arvest as a commercial banker. Harrison earned a degree in business administration and finance at Drury University, where he also played baseball and basketball. With three years of industry experience, Harmon most recently worked as a credit analyst at Springfield First Community Bank.

In his new role at Arvest, Harmon will generate, evaluate and approve commercial loans, among other duties.

"Jerrod brings a great deal of enthusiasm, passion for customer service and commercial knowledge with him,” Crain said. “We are excited to have him join the team.”

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